5 Ways to Reset Your Goals

June 7, 2022

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You probably wrote a lengthy list of big goals to accomplish this year, but you may have had a slow start with getting the ball rolling. Your goals can be for school, work, finances, business, or fitness. Whatever they are, it’s never too late to get started again. Keep reading to learn about five ways to reset your goals for 2022.

Take inventory of your goals

Dust off the journal that you wrote your goals in six months ago and take inventory of how much you’ve accomplished over the last few months. Make a few adjustments and revisions if needed and refocus on your goals with a fresh eye. Maybe your goals have changed or maybe you need to take on a few things. Whatever it is, take the time to really take inventory on where you are currently. Your mindset is in a different place now compared to where it was back in January. Here’s 5 ways to reboot your resolutions this year.

Don’t beat yourself up

Look, we all fall short of the glory. It’s okay to slip up sometimes. What matters most is that you get back up and don’t stay down for too long.

Silence doubt with positive affirmations

Another way to refresh your goals is to begin by affirming to yourself that you are capable of all things. Remind yourself of your strengths and don’t focus on your weaknesses. Write out a few sticky notes or put a message on your mirror in lipstick. Set some reminders on your phone to go off at the same time each day so that you are always affirmed in who you are.

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Slim down your to-do list

Maybe you set a few too many goals at the time of the year and now you feel a little overwhelmed. That’s totally okay. You can prioritize your list and be sure to continue on with those that you feel comfortable with pushing out with the few months that you have left of the year. Save the rest for next year or whenever you feel up to it. Don’t overload yourself. Even if you only focus on one goal for the rest of the year, make it worth it. Set some smaller action steps to ensure that it gets completed.

Reflect on what goals you’ve already accomplished

Don’t forget how far you’ve come. Look back at all you’ve accomplished and pat yourself on the back. Remember the work that you put in during the last 6 months. This is going to push you to put in even more work to finish the year out strong!

I’m more than sure these tips will be helpful as you refresh your goals and push toward reaching your goals!

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