They say the first step to getting help is admitting that you have a problem.  Well, my name is Erin and I am NOT a “morning person.” I’ve always told people that I’m literally late to life.  If I’m ever on time, you’d probably be shook. My bed and I have an inseperable bond that my alarm clock seems to break every morning.  You’d think I’d have this whole morning routine thing down by now, you know, with being a mom and all. Lately, I’ve begun to see the error in my ways and I’m working towards becoming an early riser as we break into the new year.  Keep me in your prayers fam. So, here’s a few tips I’ve come up with for my fellow not so morning people. 

Set a bedtime

For those of us who are still grasping the art of adulting, yes, we do require a bedtime. Plan your evening tasks according to what time you NEED to go to bed in order to 1. wake up at a decent time and 2. get enough rest in order to have a productive day without dozing off in your cubicle or in my case, the carpool line.

night stand next to bed with clock

Create a bedtime routine

The act of rising up early in the morning actually begins the night before, believe it or not. Now that you have a bedtime set for yourself, you’ll need to create a bedtime routine to ensure that you’re in bed on time.  This means no more scrolling through your Instagram stories for 3 hours when you should be asleep. Utilize your time wisely sis.

Choose to complete tasks that are not only going to prepare you for bed, but will also prepare you for the following day as well. This will make getting out of the house a smooth transition in the morning.

Here’s an example of my nightly bedtime routine:

  • Shower
  • Brush teeth
  • Wash face/exfoliate
  • Select clothes and iron for the next day
  • Read
  • Listen to music
  • Place my phone away from the bed for less distraction

Create morning goals to accomplish

When you establish small goals for yourself for the following day, it gives you even more reason get up and get things done. Everything should have a purpose. Here’s a few examples of small goals to set for yourself.

  • Read a chapter in your bible
  • complete a daily devotional
  • run a mile before going to work
  • eat a well-balanced breakfast

Take advantage of technology

If you’re an iPhone user like myself, there are so many useful features that will be beneficial to your success as an early riser. Here’s a few that I use now and absolutely love.

Do not disturb: All of my phone calls and notifications are silenced during the time that I select to ensure there are no distractions or interruptions during my set bed time. I don’t know how many times I’ve woken up to late night emails or the occasional phone call that disturbed my beauty rest. Of course you can set it to allow phone calls to come through from people that are on your favorites list so you don’t miss out on anything pressing.

Screen time: This feature reports your screen time used. You can set app limits and even schedule your down time. I usually have this feature shut off all of my social media apps by 10 pm so that I’m not distracted when I should be getting rest. We all know how the deep the rabbit hole goes when watching FB videos before bed.

Implementing these tips along with what works best for you will definitely help you become a better morning person. You’ll wake up with intention, be well rested, and more prepared for your day. What tips and tricks help you to get the day started? Share with me below in the comments and don’t forget to share with a friend who might need a little help.