The Discovering Strength Podcast

September 26, 2019

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It’s official! This girl has her own podcast, ya’ll! They finally put me on the program! lol

No, but seriously, I decided enough was enough! I’m no longer walking in fear, but I’m walking in FAITH with EVERYTHING that I do. I’m not waiting until the first of the year to do it either. I’ve been sitting on launching a podcast for the longest time, girl!  Have you ever sat on something you knew you had the desire to do, but doubted your dopeness? Yea, that was me all the way! I even had episodes recorded on my phone. I literally doubted how much I had to offer and disqualified myself before I even stepped foot in the ring. But, despite all of this, everything happens in God’s perfect timing.

With all of that being said, I would love for you to walk with me on this new journey as I share my life’s narrative one testimony at a time on The Discovering Strength Podcast hosted by yours truly. It’s now available on 7 streaming platforms! The first episode is LIVE!

Please take the time out to give it a listen and don’t forget to rate, subscribe, and share if you enjoyed what you heard today!

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